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Everyone speaks the language of Fashion

Most of us dress according to the rules of fashion. Our attire is governed by what is the latest fashion. No matter where we live, or how old we are, we still follow the latest fashion trends all the time. We might not wish to admit that we follow the latest trends and styles; it kind of makes us appear superficial. But, no matter who we are, where we live, what religion we follow, fashion speaks one language for everyone. There is no basis for fashion. It's just that everyone wants to look nice in what they wear, and some of the people with a more solid sense of what looks nice and what does not have become the fashion designers today.

Fashion can go beyond boundaries of language, creed, cast, color, religion, size, etc. It speaks a universal language understood by everyone. Men and women both are fond of wearing what is the latest trend. The fashion industry has become one of the most booming and competitive industries in the world. The fashion gurus have their boutiques, their magazines, their consultancies for the world. The funny thing is that fashion just simply repeats itself over and over again after every a few years, with some very small modifications. And everyone thinks that it is an innovative piece of design, when it is just a simple modified previous design from decades ago.

There is nothing with wanting to wear the latest clothes, jewellery, make-up or other accessories. It is a fact that we all want to look our best when we go out to meet people. Whether we are going to school, college, work or at a party, each and every one of us wants to look the best we can. Dressing in the latest fashionable attire makes us feel as if we are in fashion and stylish. It works as a morale boost for many people and a confidence giver for others. It makes them part of the crowd, and a simple compliment about one's appearance can do wonders to lift their mood. It is all about the human psyche. This does not mean that we are all superficial people. It simply means that when someone is pleasing to our eyes we feel more comfortable interacting with them. Also, if you are meeting someone for the first time, the first impression is what will attract you or stop you from approaching someone.

However, this does not mean that we pick up fashion magazines from the news stand and buy everything we see in it. Ofcourse not! Everything that you will see in a fashion magazine is not for you. You have to make the right judgments. You have to choose what looks best on you and your body. Our skin color and our body shape should determine what we wear. Not every fashionable dress will look flattering on you, so do not go overboard when you are shopping. Choose the colors that will look good on you. If you have fair skin, then almost every color will suit on you, but if you have a darker skin tone, then you might want to choose less bright colors. Also, if you have a wider body then you might want to choose dresses and colors that have a slimming effect on our body. Like if your waist is smaller then you wear fancy belts on the dress. So work with your body to make it look the best.

It is not necessary that the latest fashion can only be bought from designers. If you can not afford designer or branded clothes like most of the people, then you can try some of the other options. There are many copies available of designer clothes that are cheaper and affordable. You can also shop online where you will be able to find excellent bargains and discounts on clothing and other accessories.

Being fashionable does not mean that you forget what you think looks good and what does not. You are free to be innovative with what you wear. Remember you are your own boss, so you decide which fashion is for you and which is not. Even if you are not wearing what everyone is, what matters most is that you wear what suits you best.

Language of fashion
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