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Fashion Dos and Don'ts: How to Always Look Your Best

So, what exactly is fashion? In its simplest terms, fashion means wearing what's current and paying attention to the trends. But fashion is so much more. When you express yourself with via clothing and accessories, like shoes, you're said to be fashionable or fashion-conscious. Unlike those who prefer baggy jeans and T-shirts, fashionable people always look pulled together and modern. Fashion can either express something about a person or conceal it. In this article, we'll discuss some basic fashion dos and don'ts to help you become that "fashionista" you've always wanted to be.

Fashion Don'ts

Don't wear baggy or oversized clothes. Why? Because even if you think you're concealing figure flaws, chances are you're playing them up. Honestly, do you really think that baggy shirt or top will hide the weight you need to lose? We're not saying that women should wear tight or form-fitting clothes, but everyone's figure benefits from some definition when it comes to fashion. So, choose a jacket that curves ever so slightly in at the waist. Or a blouse with flattering princess seams.

Don't wear too-tight or undersized clothes. Even the thinnest among us needs to consider whether those skin-tight jeans are really flattering her pencil-thin legs. If you're skinny and don't think you have figure flaws to conceal, think again. There's a big difference in fashion between clothes that skim the body and give it flattering definition and clothes that look as though they've been painted on. Very few women can pull this look off - on most of us it's just plain unattractive.

Don't wear clothes that are overly casual. That sweat suit or jogging suit might look good in the gym, but it isn't really appropriate in many other places. It's easy to confuse "casual" with "sloppy." Sweatpants and a T-shirt might be comfortable, but don't fool yourself into thinking they're giving you a casual look. The truth is, from the fashion standpoint, they're just plain sloppy.

Fashion Dos

Do choose classic colors. Don't worry: black is a classic color! Seriously, learn what colors look good on you and build your basic wardrobe on them: white, camel, grey and khaki are good examples. Then pop the basics with a vibrant, trendy color like magenta or lime green. And don't forget - when in doubt, black and white is always a great choice.

Do choose classic patterns like stripes, houndstooth checks, muted plaids and argyles. Stay away from splashy, trendy prints that might be unflattering. And remember that patterns and prints are optional - you're not obligated to wear them. It's more than possible to pull off a fashionable look without prints and patterns. So stick with the solids colors for wardrobe basics and accent them with a boldly printed scarf or elegantly printed shell under a jacket.

Do choose a good selection of turtlenecks, especially in black. Try to vary the fabric composition of your turtleneck "wardrobe." Although 100% cotton is always a good option, be sure to have some turtlenecks made from other fabrics like silk, cashmere or merino wool. You can choose bold primary colors like red, royal blue and purple or muted pastels like pink and powder blue. Turtlenecks are versatile and classic, casual or dressy, and look great on their own or under jackets. They shift focus up to your face and can provide a bit of elegant color under a conservative blazer.

Do wear pants rather than skirts. Pants have a more modern and youthful look, especially when it comes to suits. If you feel that pants don't figure flatter you, it might be that you're just not buying the right style. Look for pants with straight legs, not legs that taper. If you're heavy around the waist, it's easy enough to find pants with an elasticized waist in the back and a flat front for a smooth look. For casual pants, jeans and capris are always a good choice, provided they fit well. Choose jeans with an easy fit that doesn't hug the body. Capris look youthful while still providing coverage.

When it comes to fashion dos and don'ts, always let common sense guide you. After all, you're the best judge of what fashion will work with your body type and lifestyle.

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