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Children's Fashion

Many adults are fashion conscious to some extent but children are also concerned with their appearance and enjoy fashion just as much. In today's society, children are growing up faster than ever and many start to consider fashion at a much younger age. As a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to balance budget while allowing the children to have a say in the type of fashion they wear on a daily basis. Children grow out of clothes so fast that it can be difficult to purchase clothes that will suit the child but remain cost effective.

Another problem with children's fashion is that children tend to focus a lot more on brand names than adults do. While adults recognize that some clothes can be purchased that look similar to designer clothing without the expense, children are more focused on making sure that the clothes they have are designer name brand labels. While it is important to teach your child to be a bit frugal, you still want to give them some nicer clothes so they fit in at school and feel confident. There needs to be a good balance between designer fashion and budget friendly clothes.

Before going on a shopping spree with your children, find out what fashion clothing they want and how much it will be. Set a budget for the child and let the child know they can purchase as much as they want up to the dollar amount you set. Explain to them they may want to get one designer fashion they feel is ultra important to have but then to shop for some less expensive clothes in order to round out their wardrobe. This will give them a good sense of budget and give them the responsibility of helping to pick out their fashion choices.

There are fashion consignment shops that specialize in children's clothing. This is a great place to shop and a great place to trade in old clothing that your child has grown out of. You can get a little money from the sale of their old clothes and fashion accessories to put toward new ones. Most children's clothes are grown out before they wear out so you are likely to get good quality at a much reduced price. This type of arrangement also helps if you have friends with older children who give you some hand me downs to wear. They can still have good fashion but with a greatly reduced cost.

Look for sales and tax free days when shopping for children's fashion. This often occurs right before school with get ready for school sales. Take advantage of these days as you will get some significant savings from purchasing without having to pay taxes or during sales when prices are lowered temporarily. Make sure your child has a say in the fashion clothing you purchase so they feel a part of the process and can better understand the cost of the clothing that is purchased.

Make your child earn money toward their clothing and fashion choices. Have them do chores around the house and consider giving them an allowance. Let them know that they are expected to contribute a certain percentage of their overall clothing budget for school. It is amazing how frugal a child can be when spending their own money on fashion as opposed to yours. This gets them in the habit of knowing the value of a dollar which can serve them well in years to come when there are more expensive purchases to make and they need to be aware of budgets.

Keep in mind that children's fashion sense may not necessarily coincide with your ideas of fashion. This is simply what happens between generations. Make sure you allow your child a little freedom to pick out some fashion clothes that they like but do not go overboard. You do want to set boundaries and make sure what you are purchasing is appropriate for wear. But, you do not want to completely stifle their individuality and fashion sense either. Take advantage of sales and consignment shops when it is feasible to do so. Allow your child into the purchasing process and give them some leeway in the selection of fashion. Have them earn their own money to buy clothes. These will all help get them more responsible and aware of the value of money.

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